How to disable the battery saver?

What is the battery saver?

The battery saver or power optimization system allows to limit the phone's battery drain by the installed applications.
Each Android smartphone manufacturer implements its own software in addition to Android's power saving system.
Depending on the manufacturer and the selected settings, the optimization can stop the applications running in background and thus degrade the user experience.
It should be noted that on Android smartphones, the system naturally optimizes power consumption and applications are stopped and then restarted automatically.
The manufacturers' software overrides the native optimizations and can permanently stop the application.
In this case, either the application can no longer detect your trips, or they are only partially recorded.

Does the application drain the battery?

No, we have optimized the application so that it does not drain the battery of your smartphone.
The application uses battery power mainly during your trips because it uses the GPS sensor. This sensor is never turned on when you are not driving. For a normal use (typically 1 hour of travel per day), the battery consumption is neglectable (1 to 2%), you won't notice it.
The battery optimization is adjustable by mobile application. So, disabling the battery saver for the driving analysis app will not affect the configuration of the other applications installed on your phone.

How do I find the guide to set up my phone?

To find the right tutorial you just need to know the brand of your smartphone (this is the name of the manufacturer) and the installed version of Android. In general, manufacturers deploy a version of their user interface for each version of Android.
So if you update Android, the update will come with a new version of the manufacturer's software interface.
If your version is not available in the list, contact support in the application via the diagnostic screen

List of brands

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